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  • Bank details for state fees payment related to the protection of industrial property

    In the national currency

    Beneficiary: the Main Department of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine in Kyiv / Pechersky district/22090300

    Beneficiary code: 37993783

    Beneficiary bank: State Treasury Service of Ukraine 

    Beneficiary account (IBAN): 



    Payment details:*;101; application № __________; 22090300; the unified state register of enterprises, organizations, institutions for legal entities/ individual tax number for individuals; state fee.


    In foreign currency

    Beneficiary: Department of Finance of the Executive Board of the Kyiv City Council 

    (Kyiv City State Administration), 36, Khreschatyk str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01044

    Beneficiary code: 02317474

    Beneficiary bank: JSC «THE STATE EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OF UKRAINE» Kyiv, Ukraine


    Beneficiary account (IBAN):

    USD – UA323223130000025420010092523 (840)

    Purpose of payment: application no._______________; state fee.