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  • Intellectual property in figures: key trends for the year
    23 May 2024 No Comments Олексенко Олексій

    Intellectual property in figures: key trends for the year


    The IP Office publishes an analytical report with activity indicators in the field of intellectual property for 2023.


    IP trends in Ukraine


    The current state of play in the IP sphere logically reflects general macroeconomic trends in the country. Thus, compared to 2022, the total number of applications for industrial property increased by 47.6% and amounted to 32,759 applications. This amount exceeds the indicator of 2022 (22,195 applications) by more than 10.5 thousand applications, but is inferior to the pre-war level in 2021 (41,003).


    The increase in the rate of filing industrial property applications for the last year is a clear indication of the inventive community and business intensification and is a consequence of positive expectations for the development of the economic, political and social situation in Ukraine.


    Inventions, as the most complex and important industrial property right, show an increase of 5.5%.


    The applications filing dynamic for other industrial property is higher:


    • utility models – 47.4%;
    • industrial designs – 34.8%;
    • trademarks – more than 55.4%.


    Inventive activity


    The current challenges for the intellectual property sphere, creative and innovative sectors of Ukraine’s economy make it possible to adapt quickly due to the creative potential of innovators.


    Intellectual property is an integral part of innovative recovery, as ensuring the introduction of new technologies and, accordingly, the location of production in Ukraine requires proper protection of intellectual assets. Thus, the post-war recovery of the country depends on the development of the innovation sector.


    Analysis of statistical data on filing for inventions and utility models shows that the inventive activity of national applicants in 2023 increased by 42.5% compared to the previous year .


    The total number of registrations of inventions and utility models by resident applicants amounted to 3,104, which is 16.6% more than the indicator of the previous year. Comparing the figures for 2022 and 2023, the number of utility model registrations increased by 31.7%


    Business Activity


    Trademarks are long-lasting productive assets that contribute to economic growth and can be used in economic analysis of innovation.


    The 61.7% increase in the trademark filing under the national procedure by resident applicants indicates that the figures for 2023 are gradually approaching those of the pre-war years.


    The share of resident applicants in the total number of trademark applications has increased significantly and amounts to 73.0%. The share of applications filed under the Madrid system by non-resident applicants is 66.9%.


    Expectations for 2024


    Given the current growth in the rate of filings and positive trends in the national economic recovery, the total number of applications for industrial property rights in 2024 may reach the level of 2021.


    Find the full report, figures, analysis and prognoses here.


    Олексенко Олексій
    Олексенко Олексій

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