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  • The Ukrainian IP Office deepens cooperation with the Patent Office of Latvia: management meeting
    13 June 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      The Ukrainian National Office for Intellectual Property and Innovations delegation’s working visit to the

    Strengthening cooperation with the Baltic States’ IP Offices: the management of the Ukrainian IP Office visited the Estonian Patent Office
    11 June 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      Strengthening bilateral cooperation with the national IP Offices of the Baltic States is one

    Turning fallen leaves into sustainably made paper: Ukrainian scientist selected as a finalist for the Young Inventors Prize 2024
    04 June 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      23-year-old Ukrainian inventor Valentyn Frechka developed a method for recycling leaf litter into sustainable

    Intellectual property in figures: key trends for the year
    23 May 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      The IP Office publishes an analytical report with activity indicators in the field of

    What limits the development of mediation in Ukraine? IP Office specialists joined to the international research
    22 May 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      The analysis of the obstacles that limit the development of IP mediation in Ukraine

    Opening up Data for Research on Ukraine: the Management of the IP Office participated in the event, organized by Max Planck Institute in Munich
    15 May 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      On May 13-14, 2024, Director of the IP Office Olena Orliuk and Deputy Director

    The Rules for Drafting and Submitting Design Applications Entered into Force
    08 May 2024 Irena

      On 1 May 2024, the Order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, “On Approval of

    How to reduce the impact of the war on IP: Ukrainian delegation meets with Mr. Daren Tang, Director General, WIPO
    03 May 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      How can the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) help mitigate the negative impact of

    For the first time, Ukraine acts as a coordinator of the CEBS regional group during the work of WIPO Committees
    02 May 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      From April 29 to May 3, 2024, the 32nd session of the WIPO Committee

    WIPO Supports Ukraine in Developing National Intellectual Property Strategy: “IP Strategy: WIPO for Ukraine” Session Results
    27 April 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      As a testament to our shared commitment to intellectual property, the collaborative session' IP

    How the Ukrainian IP Office will work in the next 5 years: Strategic Development Plan for 2024-2028
    18 April 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      The document defines the mission, strategic directions, aims and objectives of the IP office

    Representatives of the IP Office participate in the 45th session of the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights
    17 April 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      The 45th session of the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR/45)

    Information dashboard: IP Office presents annual performance indicators
    05 April 2024 Irena

      Despite the challenges and the ongoing war, the intellectual property sphere is not only

    Harmonization of legislation with the EU acquis is the basis for innovative development and economic recovery of the country, – Olena Orliuk at the meeting with European colleagues
    28 March 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      During the working visit to Chisinau (Moldova), the management of the Ukrainian IP Office

    EU4IP project will become a tool of practical support for small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, creators and innovators, – Olena Orliuk
    27 March 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      During the working visit to Chișinău (Moldova), the management of the Ukrainian IP Office

    Strengthening intellectual property rights in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to support EU accession
    25 March 2024 Irena

      On 25-26 March an EU delegation led by João Negrão, Executive Director (ED) of

    Ukraine joins WIPO ALERT and introduces a list of web resources that raise IP rights concerns
    22 March 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      The IP office will consider the request and make a conclusion on the presence

    EU-Ukraine: Explanatory meeting on intellectual property within the official screening of European Commission
    20 March 2024 Irena

      A high level of EU acquis implementation was noted and approaches to further harmonization

    Ukraine-EU: support for the Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors resilience was discussed in Brussels
    12 March 2024 Alex

      How can EU support cultural and creative sectors of Ukraine's economy? How will this

    Regulation on the Commission “Ukraine” has entered into force
    05 March 2024 Alex

      On February 27, 2024, the Order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine dated

    The Ministry of Justice Registered Regulations on Intellectual Property Representatives (Patent Attorneys)
    26 February 2024 Alex

      On February 20, 2024, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered Order of the

    A minute of silence was observed in WIPO to honor the victims of Russian aggression
    22 February 2024 Irena

      The 17th session of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

    National and International Experts Discussed the National Intellectual Property Development Strategy
    19 February 2024 Irena

      On 15 February 2024, with the participation of Habip Asan, Director of the Division

    European Integration IP Digest: tracking the Ukrainian IP sphere’s progress on the way to the EU
    07 February 2024 Irena

    February 7, 2024 marked five years since Ukraine enshrined in its Constitution the European identity

    Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Monitoring Center: why the new IP Office platform was created and how it will work
    06 February 2024 Олексенко Олексій

      Counterfeit and pirated products pose a threat to the economic security of the state,

    “We are ready to show even more progress in the IP sphere”, – Olena Orliuk at the meeting with the EU Delegation to Ukraine
    02 February 2024 Irena

      The IP office and the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine discussed the

    The IP Academy –  the National Intellectual Property Training Centre in Ukraine: why it was established and how it functions
    31 December 2023 Irena

      The ideology, mission, values and the aim of the IP Academy - a partner

    IP&I for Science and Business: WIPO continues to support TISC in Ukraine
    14 December 2023 Irena

      The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) welcomes the expansion of the Technology and Innovation Support

    Ukrainian Delegation Took Part in the 31st CDIP session
    08 December 2023 Irena

      The work of the WIPO Member States during the 31st session of the Committee

    Enhancing Hague System, implementation of new languages, and raising fees under Hague Agreement: outcomes of Hague Working Group session
    08 December 2023 Irena

      On 4th-6th of December 12th session of the Working Group on the Legal Development

    “russia has no right to shape further the international agenda” – Ukraine’s statement at WIPO
    29 November 2023 Irena

      Ukrainian delegation is taking part in the working session of the WIPO Committee on

    Ukraine Made Significant Progress in Intellectual Property: European Commission’s Ukraine 2023 Report on Enlargement Package Policy
    08 November 2023 Irena

      Thanks to the launch of the National Intellectual Property Authority and the adoption of

    Development of Creative Economy in Ukraine: Intellectual Property Toolset (video)
    06 November 2023 Irena

      Ukraine has every opportunity to become a country with an innovative economy. This requires

    Ukraine-EU meeting: how Ukraine interacts with international partners in IP sphere (video)
    30 October 2023 Alex

      What international partners talked about in Kyiv on the cooperation with Ukraine, the potential

    “A shared future” – EUIPO head visits Ukraine to strengthen IP integration
    26 October 2023 Alex

      Tim Lince, 23 October 2023   EUIPO executive director heads EU delegation visit to Ukraine

    Priority areas of cooperation and support of IP sphere: meeting of European delegation with Ukrainian IP Office’s team (photo)
    26 October 2023 Alex

      The EUIPO delegation, the heads of the IP offices of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia,

    Impressed by the heroism of Ukrainians: delegation of EUIPO and European IP Offices visited Bucha and Irpin (video)
    25 October 2023 Alex

      The delegation of EUIPO and European IP offices visited Kyiv region. In particular, they

    Discussion: How to Create a Sustainable System for Ukraine’s Competitiveness in IP Industry at International Level
    25 October 2023 Alex

    The participants of the two-day EU-Ukraine meeting discussed ways to harmonise intellectual property law and

    Ukraine joined EU’s regional program to support intellectual property
    25 October 2023 Alex

      Ukraine, together with Moldova and Georgia, joined the EU regional program for supporting the

    Heads of IP offices in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Moldova on initiatives to support Ukrainian IP sphere
    25 October 2023 Alex

    The heads of the IP offices of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Moldova spoke on

    João Negrão, EUIPO’s Executive Director: Active support of Ukraine is our priority
    25 October 2023 Alex

      João Negrão, the Executive Director of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), addressed

    Remi Duflot, Deputy Head of EU Delegation to Ukraine: Progress in IP sphere brings cooperation between Ukraine and European Union to a new level
    25 October 2023 Alex

      A two-day meeting of representatives of the European Union and the Ukrainian intellectual property

    Head of the IP Office Olena Orliuk: Ukraine shall provide the level of IP services corresponding to best European practices
    25 October 2023 Alex

      The visit of the high-ranking delegation led by EUIPO Executive Director João Negrão means

    Vitalii Kindrativ, Deputy Minister of Economy: Intellectual property is integral component of innovative recovery of Ukraine
    25 October 2023 Alex

      The Ukrainian government welcomes the introduction of support programs for Ukrainian applicants in the

    EU and Ukraine agree on support for Ukraine’s integration into the EU intellectual property system
    23 October 2023 Alex

      The Ukrainian National Office for Intellectual Property and Innovations (UANIPIO) and the EU Intellectual

    Special Session SCT of WIPO: preparing the Design Law Treaty and condemnation of russia in WIPO
    04 October 2023 Irena

      The 3rd Special Session of the Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial

    Intellectual property in numbers: IP Office publishes key performance indicators for the first half of 2023
    04 September 2023 Irena

      We note the encouraging trend of a gradual return to pre-war activity. We also

    International cooperation in IP sphere: The Ministry of Economy have signed a Memorandum with WIPO
    27 July 2023 Irena

      The document is focused on softening the negative implications of war and restoration of

    WIPO External Office in Moscow should be closed, – Ukrainian delegation at the WIPO General Assembly
    15 July 2023 Irena

      Ukraine declares its disassociation from the consensus on the approval of the budget of

    Assistance to Ukraine will be continued – decision of the WIPO General Assembly
    14 July 2023 Irena

      The WIPO International Bureau will continue to provide concrete assistance and support to Ukraine,

    Ukraine Calls for Strengthening the Isolation of russia in WIPO and Global IP Field
    14 July 2023 Irena

      A report on the Assistance and Support for Ukraine’s Innovation and Creative sector and

    European integration of the Ukrainian intellectual property sphere: Memorandum between the IP Office and the European Patent Office
    12 July 2023 Irena

      Enhanced cooperation in strategic and technical areas and exchange of best practices are the

    The Ukrainian delegation called for the termination of funding for WIPO projects and the External Office in the russian federation
    12 July 2023 Irena

      In the framework of the 64th series of meetings of the WIPO Assemblies, Ukraine

    The Start of cooperation and experience exchange: meeting of Ukrainian IP Office and IPOS representatives
    12 July 2023 Irena

      The representatives of the Ukrainian IP Office discussed in-depth cooperation, exchange of experience, digital

    International businesses successfully commercializing innovations and intellectual property were honored at WIPO Headquarters
    11 July 2023 Irena

      The WIPO GLOBAL AWARDS 2023 honors creative entrepreneurs, inventors and creators who make a

    Access to global IP services: IP Office continues to perform ISA/IPEA functions
    10 July 2023 Irena

      The Ukrainian IP Office continues to perform the functions of the International Searching Authority

    Areas of cooperation and the impact of russian aggression on the innovation ecosystem of Ukraine: Ukrainian delegation meets with WIPO Director General
    08 July 2023 Irena

      Cooperation between Ukraine and the World Intellectual Property Organization, consequences of the full-scale russian

    “She inspires”: how Ukrainian women’s creativity conquers the WIPO General Assembly
    08 July 2023 Irena

      Dresses by Yuliya Magdych and Ivona Loban, vyshyvanka with AR elements by Olena Dats,

    Enhancing the qualification of Ukrainian specialists and promotion of the Ukrainian intellectual property sector: meeting of the IP Office management with INTA
    07 July 2023 Irena

      Enhancing the qualification of Ukrainian specialists and promotion of the Ukrainian intellectual property sector:

    The Euro-integration of IP sphere: IP office signed a Memorandum of understanding on bilateral cooperation with EUIPO
    06 July 2023 Irena

      The Ukrainian IP sphere conducted one more step to strategic cooperation with European IP

    WIPO should stop funding russian projects, – Ukrainian delegation at the 35th session of the WIPO Program and Budget Committee
    24 May 2023 Irena

      The Ukrainian delegation encourages the World Intellectual Property Organization to stop funding projects in

    «rf’s actions deepen the consequences of all global problems”, – Ukrainian delegation at the WIPO’s Program and Budget Committee
    22 May 2023 Irena

      The goals of the global IP community and economic stability cannot be achieved without

    Metaverse Travelers: the IP Office presents a comic book about IPR protection for teenagers
    02 May 2023 Irena

      Why is Ignorance the main enemy of the inventor? How can Artificial Intelligence help

    Address by WIPO Director General Daren Tang on World IP Day 2023: “This year, we celebrate the achievements of women innovators” (video)
    26 April 2023 Irena

      On April 26, the world traditionally celebrates World IP Day. The theme chosen by

    When russian missiles destroy our cities, we cannot speak easily about sustainable development, – Ukrainian delegation at CDIP
    25 April 2023 Irena

      Achievement of the sustainable development goals and economic growth is possible only after the

    International experience of intangible assets management: a special session of the WIPO Academy and the  IP Academy Singapore
    19 April 2023 Irena

      Topics of the meeting: providing effective IP training programs at the national and regional

    The Staff of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the IP Office concluded a Memorandum on Interaction and Cooperation
    18 April 2023 Irena

      In the conditions of the military aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine, it

    Creation of conditions for the development of the innovation ecosystem in Ukraine: ICC Ukraine and the IP Office signed a Memorandum of Cooperation
    10 April 2023 Irena

      Cooperation between all participants of the innovation process to create an innovation ecosystem in

    TISC network promotion and harmonization of legislation: a meeting of the IP Office and Innovation Holding “Sikorsky Challenge”
    10 April 2023 Irena

      International practices, improvement of Ukrainian legislation, and what is necessary for the development of

    Women in IP: the pilot issue of the CEBS Newsletter 2023, with Ukraine participation, has been released
    10 April 2023 Irena

      Ukraine is intensifying activities within the framework of the Regional Group of the Central

    The IP Office will promote inventorship in Ukraine, — Olena Orliuk at a meeting with the Society of Inventors and Rationalizers
    07 April 2023 Irena

      The IP Office will promote inventorship in Ukraine, — Olena Orliuk at a meeting

    The draft law, developed by the IP Office, should solve the urgent issues of intangible assets of the russian federation under sanctions, – Mykola Pototskyi
    05 April 2023 Irena

      The IP Office team, in collaboration with scientists and the professional community, developed a

    The strategy for the IP sphere development must take into account the challenges of martial law, — Olena Orliuk
    05 April 2023 Irena

      The IP development strategy for Ukraine must be updated in accordance with the challenges

    Commercialization of scientific research: Memorandum between the IP Office and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
    03 April 2023 Irena

      The Ukrainian scientific community must be aware of and be able to commercialize its

    Today IP Office has turned its face towards science, education, and innovation, – Olena Orliuk
    24 March 2023 Irena

      Recovery and development of Ukraine after the Victory is impossible without innovations and investments.

    Tryzub (the Trident) and trademarks: use of imitation of the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine
    24 March 2023 Irena

      The approved draft law No. 6464 eliminates a gap in the legislation regarding the

    Preservation of cultural heritage under the war conditions and innovation ecosystem of Ukraine: XIV International Business Forum
    23 March 2023 Irena

      During the XIV International Business Forum "Problems and Prospects for the Development of Innovative

    Support of innovation potential: meeting of the teams of the IP Office and the Ukrainian Startup Fund
    21 March 2023 Irena

      Protection of the intellectual property of Ukrainian startups in Ukraine is an essential component

    Zero tolerance, prevention, and acting against corruption – the Anti-corruption Program of the IP Office is approved
    21 March 2023 Irena

      We offer to review the Anti-corruption Program, approved by the order of the State

    Copyright protection and new digital technologies: 43rd session of the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights
    21 March 2023 Irena

      Among other things, WIPO continues to work on the treaty "On the Protection of

    Strengthening IPR protection in accordance with the standards of European legislation: the Parliament approved draft law №6464
    21 March 2023 Irena

      Ukraine has taken another step to bring its legislation on IPR protection closer to

    The impact of a full-scale war on the Ukrainian IP sphere and its support: a meeting of the IP Office and WIPO representatives
    07 March 2023 Olya

     The current steps in the implementation of the Decision of the WIPO General Assembly on

    Cooperation in the IP sphere: the IP office signed a Declaration with European patent offices
    03 March 2023 Olya

     Ukraine is strengthening coordination with European partners in aspects of intellectual property. The relevant Declaration of

    The impact of a full-scale war on the Ukrainian IP sphere and its support: a meeting of the IP Office and WIPO representatives
    28 February 2023 Olya

    During the year of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, the aggressor state destroyed 446

    Implementation of EU legislation and the challenges of martial law: Mykola Pototskyi on the legal work of the IP Office
    20 February 2023 Irena

    Bringing Ukrainian legislation into line with EU legislation and improving the protection (more…)

    International cooperation is one of the defining directions for the IP office, Olena Orliuk at a meeting with the American Chamber of Commerce
    15 February 2023 Irena

    The Ukrainian IP office intends to cooperate widely with international and regional organizations, associations, and

    An IPR dialogue with European colleagues is planned for autumn, — Olena Orliuk about the results of the meeting with the EU Delegation in Ukraine
    14 February 2023 Irena

    The dialogue on intellectual property rights between Ukraine and the EU is scheduled for autumn