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  • WIPO Supports Ukraine in Developing National Intellectual Property Strategy: “IP Strategy: WIPO for Ukraine” Session Results
    27 April 2024 No Comments Олексенко Олексій

    WIPO Supports Ukraine in Developing National Intellectual Property Strategy: “IP Strategy: WIPO for Ukraine” Session Results


    As a testament to our shared commitment to intellectual property, the collaborative session’ IP Strategy: WIPO for Ukraine’ was not just a meeting, but a platform where ideas were shared and valued. It was held as part of  IP Week 2024, dedicated to World IP Day (April 26). This session saw the active participation of esteemed representatives from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and our valued stakeholders from Ukraine’s intellectual property sector.


    Addressing the session participants with his expertise and authority, WIPO Director General Daren Tang, in his video message, underscored the pivotal role of the audience in shaping the IP Strategy and elaborated on the significant role of intellectual property in unlocking the power of innovation and creativity to address global challenges. His call for unity to build a better future resonated with the audience, emphasising the importance of this collective effort:


    Throughout history, when faced of challenges, it has been human ingenuity, ideas and innovation that has allowed us to overcome and succeed. So, to put the SDGs [the UN Sustainable Development Goals] back on track, we need to harness intellectual property as a catalyst to unleash the power of innovation and creativity to address our common global challenges. (…) IP can be the vehicle to turn bold new ideas into real-world impact. So on this World IP Day, let us come together as a global community and use the power of IP to achieve the SDGs to build a better future for all of us.



    The session was moderated by Bogdan Paduchak, First Deputy Director of the Ukrainian IP Office, who also congratulated everyone on the International Day of Intellectual Property and reminded once again that Ukraine can celebrate this holiday and look to the future thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which defend our independence every day.


    Mr Paduchak, in his role as the moderator, also familiarised the audience with the draft National IP Strategy, a document of utmost importance that is currently under discussion and preparation. He reiterated the significance of implementing this new strategy, which is designed to effectively address the challenges that Ukraine’s intellectual property sector is currently facing:


    “Since the adoption of the last draft of the National Strategy, Ukraine has experienced an incredible number of changes and challenges. Russia’s aggressive war against our country, huge losses and challenges for society and the economy, the EU candidate status and rapid technological and institutional reform of the intellectual property sphere – all this prompted the development of a new National IP Strategy.”


    Habip Asan, Director of the WIPO Division for Transition and Developed Countries, also joined the discussion. He thanked the Ministry of Economy team supervised by Deputy Minister Vitaly Kindrativ and the Ukrainian IP Office team headed by Olena Orliuk for their dedication and work in developing the new Strategy. He additionally made remarks on the importance of this Strategy not just for the sphere of intellectual property but in general for society, the daily life of Ukrainians, and the reconstruction of our country:


    “Our shared goal is for the Strategy to serve as a road map to guide Ukraine’s development in the coming years, harnessing the power of innovation, creativity and intellectual property, catalysing economic growth, promoting technological progress and encouraging invention. WIPO is ready to support the Ukrainian IP office at all process stages, from its development to its successful implementation”.


    Habip Asan


    Virag Halgand, Head of the WIPO Section for Central European and Baltic States and Mediterranean Countries, also joined the discussion. She noted the importance of the Strategy in coordinating the efforts of all stakeholders to create an effective action plan and implement it in close cooperation with international partners.


    Virag Halgand


    Also, Maegan McCann, WIPO Program Officer (National IP Strategies), presented the methodology for national IP strategies in WIPO Member States and provided examples of best practices in developing such strategies.


    Maegan McCann



    At the end of the discussion, Dr Heiko Richter, LLM (Columbia), Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Intellectual Property and Competition Law at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, in his capacity as WIPO Expert, shared the progress of the analytical and diagnostic phase of work on the Strategy, which identifies areas that need further strengthening. He further emphasised the importance of synchronising the Ukrainian Strategy with current EU legislation.


    Heiko Richter


    Summing up the day’s initial discussion session, the Director of the Ukrainian IP Office, Olena Orliuk, addressed the audience and extended her gratitude to the colleagues from WIPO for their unrelenting support and noted the importance of the development of IP culture for Ukraine:


    “I want to congratulate all of us again on International Intellectual Property Day. This day is especially notable for Ukraine since it coincides with the 38th anniversary of the Chornobyl tragedy. Therefore, we understand very well the importance of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals to build the future, especially through the lens of Russia’s ongoing military aggression against Ukraine. Therefore, we need to do everything possible in our field to offer society the tools to help both recover and develop. In this context, we are talking about the Strategy, which, I am sure, will appear in Ukraine. And we will all clearly understand where we are going next”.


    Olena Orliuk and Bogdan Paduchak


    Photo: Yurii Bielakh


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