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  • European integration of the Ukrainian intellectual property sphere: Memorandum between the IP Office and the European Patent Office
    12 July 2023 No Comments Irena

    European integration of the Ukrainian intellectual property sphere: Memorandum between the IP Office and the European Patent Office


    Enhanced cooperation in strategic and technical areas and exchange of best practices are the goals of the Memorandum on Enhanced Technical and Strategic Partnership between the Ukrainian IP Office and the European Patent Office. The document signed on the sidelines of the 64th WIPO Assemblies.


    Such cooperation, as set forth in the Memorandum, is another step on the path that Ukraine has to take as a country with the status of a candidate for EU accession. This was emphasised by Olena Orliuk, The Director of the IP Office:


    “Such close cooperation is a high priority for us, especially in the context of the country’s status as an EU candidate. This Memorandum demonstrates our path of European integration and parity partnership. We believe that it will have a positive impact for our IP users and the entire IP system. Our main goal is an innovative IP office that contributes to the recovery of Ukraine. Therefore, we see great potential in joint projects and the exchange of best practices. And we sincerely believe that professional cooperation and independence of our expertise are the conditions for building a progressive IP system that will protect and promote our applicants, innovators and creators.”


    Olena Orliuk, Director of the Ukrainian IP Office, and Antonio Campinos, President of the EPO, signing the Memorandum


    The purpose of the enhanced partnership with the EPO is to promote the development of mutually beneficial long-term cooperation between the Offices in strategic and technical areas.


    In particular, it concerns the following areas:

    • technical assistance from the EPO for efficient processing of national patent applications and support of the national IP system;
    • support of infrastructure and personnel;
    • exchange of legal data and patent information;
    • raising awareness and IP culture;
    • exchange of best practices in patent examination and administration;
    • access and use of EPO search and examination results in the patent examination process.


    The cooperation between the Ukrainian IP Office and the European Patent Office will have a positive impact on the quality and speed of processing of national and international applications. The First Deputy Director of the IP Office, Bogdan Paduchak emphasized:


    “The Memorandum will deepen our cooperation and expand opportunities for European and Ukrainian IP users. Our goal within this cooperation is also to develop the Ukrainian IP system to become a reliable and equal partner for the European IP family.”


    “The cooperation envisaged in the Memorandum is also important for the current challenges of the Ukrainian IP sphere” – said Vladyslav Bilotskyi, Deputy Director of the IP Office:


    “The Memorandum will contribute to solving the challenges faced by the IP community due to the military aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine, and also supports the desire to preserve the intellectual and economic potential of Ukraine.”


    The meeting representatives by the EPO:

    • President of the EPO – Antonio Campinos;
    • Chief Adviser to the President – Telmo Vilela,;
    • Senior Adviser to the President – Tilman Quarch;
    • Senior Advisor – Alessia Volpe;
    • Head of Protocol – David Jelercic;
    • Head of External Affairs – Sara Brown.

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