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  • Ukraine Calls for Strengthening the Isolation of russia in WIPO and Global IP Field
    14 July 2023 No Comments Irena

    Ukraine Calls for Strengthening the Isolation of russia in WIPO and Global IP Field


    A report on the Assistance and Support for Ukraine’s Innovation and Creative sector and the Intellectual Property System was presented at the WIPO General Assembly.


    In Geneva, Switzerland, where the 64th series of meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO is taking place, the Report on Assistance and Support for Ukraine’s Innovation and Creative sector and the Intellectual Property System was discussed.


    The report was presented by WIPO Director General Mr Daren Tang and detailed by Director of the Transition and Developing Countries Division (TDC) Mr Habip Asan. The WIPO International Bureau described the methodology and results of the assessment, which confirmed the enormous negative impacts of russia’s military aggression against Ukraine’s IP system, innovation and creative sector.


    WIPO Director General Mr Daren Tang


    As part of the discussion, the Ukrainian delegation made a statement in which it thanked WIPO and its member states for their enormous efforts to support the IP sphere of our country during the full-scale invasion of russia. It called for further continuation of this support, while strengthening the isolation of russia.


    After all, as long as russian troops remain on the territory of Ukraine and continue to fire missiles at civilian targets, this report can only end with an ellipsis.


    “Behind every decreasing percentage and number in the report, behind every source and calculation, lies the shattered lives of individuals. We firmly believe that through close collaboration with WIPO and its esteemed Member States, Ukraine will be able to counteract the significant damages inflicted by the russian federation’s aggressive actions on Ukraine’s Innovation and Creativity Sector and Intellectual Property System. In this regard, the knowledge, experience, and resources of WIPO and its esteemed Member States will be invaluable in assisting Ukraine. Therefore, we request your consideration of the extending grace periods for Ukrainian applicants, facilitating access to global IP services and knowledge sources, assisting internally displaced persons from Ukraine, and engaging in programs to support Ukraine’s innovation, creativity, and IP system. Your actions in support of Ukraine are an investment in a sustainable and peaceful future for innovation and creativity globally,” said Olena Orliuk, The Director of the Ukrainian IP Office.



    In addition, Ukraine urged WIPO and its member states to join further efforts aimed at isolating the russian federation from influencing international platforms and decision-making processes:


    “The deliberate actions of Russian officials to exploit WIPO’s resources in legitimizing the temporary occupation of Ukrainian territory, or to harness WIPO’s resources and expertise to strengthen their armed aggression, must be stopped. Only through unity and courage in the face of this threat can we achieve the high goals and mission of this Organization, for the threat posed by the Russian Federation has long transcеnded national and regional boundaries and has become a global concern,” added Olena Orliuk.


    The full text of the Ukrainian delegation’s statement is available here.


    Support for Ukraine and its IP system, innovation and creative sectors were voiced during the discussion of this agenda item: Poland (on behalf of the CEBS group), Switzerland (on behalf of the Group B), Spain (on behalf of the EU), the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, France, the Philippines, Canada, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Vanuatu, Liechtenstein, Australia, Estonia, New Zealand, Slovakia, the Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg, Monaco, Germany, Moldova, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Portugal.








    The Member States condemned the actions of the russian federation, stressed their support for Ukraine “as long as it takes”, and shared their experience and programs for internally displaced Ukrainians and even the impact of the war on their countries. They also called on the WIPO International Bureau to continue the necessary consultations and technical support to Ukraine.


    russian federation and Belarus expectedly opposed the implementation of last year’s General Assembly decision to support Ukraine and stated that the report was biased. They also expressed their objections to the report and the special focus on Ukraine: Syria, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, the DPRK, Cuba and Mali.


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