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  • The personal composition of the “Ukraine” Commission was approved
    27 June 2024 No Comments Irena

    The personal composition of the “Ukraine” Commission was approved


    On June 26, 2024, the Order No. 102/2024 of UANIPIO approved the personal composition of the Commission for granting permission to use the official name and international alphabetical code of the state of Ukraine and/or to include the Imitation of the Small State Emblem of Ukraine in the trademark image (the “Ukraine” Commission), as agreed by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. 


    The “Ukraine” Commission consists of seven members, including the representatives of the IP Office and officials of the Ministry of Economy.


    Approval of the personal composition is the basis for the start of the collegial body functioning established by the National Intellectual Property Authority, whose functions are executed by the UANIPIO (IP office).


    The date of the first meeting of the Commission “Ukraine” will be announced on the official website of the IP Office.


    The Commission’s role is collectively review applications submitted to it for permission to use the official name and/or international letter code of the state of Ukraine in a trademark and/or to include an imitation of the small State Emblem of Ukraine in the trademark image.


    “The resumption of the “Ukraine” Commission functioning is important for several reasons. First, it is to ensure the protection of state symbols that national businesses will use for commercial purposes. Second, it is to strengthen national identity. Proper use of official symbols will help preserve and promote national values and culture. As a result, it will enhance the prestige of our country in the international arena,” believes Olena Orliuk, IP Office Director.


    Applying to the Commission will enable applicants to exercise their right to obtain permission to use official designations related to Ukraine in their trademarks. This was emphasized by Bogdan Paduchak, Chairman of the “Ukraine” Commission and First Deputy Director of the IP Office.


    “This permission can be obtained by both citizens of Ukraine, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. However, it is under certain conditions. In particular, the use of national symbols should not contradict public order and generally accepted principles of morality. There are other factors that will be taken into account when processing applications, such as the fact that the goods or services (for which the trademark is applied for) have industrial, social, educational, scientific, cultural or artistic value, or valuable for the sectors of the Ukrainian economy,” noted Bogdan Paduchak, adding that the permission would not be granted to individuals who are subject to personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions).


    The Order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine dated 20 December 2023 No. 19944 “On Approval of the Regulations on the Commission for Granting Permission to Use the Official Name and International alphabetical code of the State of Ukraine in a Trademark and/or to Include an Imitation of the Small State Emblem of Ukraine in the Trademark Image” is available at the link.


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