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  • International businesses successfully commercializing innovations and intellectual property were honored at WIPO Headquarters
    11 July 2023 No Comments Irena

    International businesses successfully commercializing innovations and intellectual property were honored at WIPO Headquarters


    The WIPO GLOBAL AWARDS 2023 honors creative entrepreneurs, inventors and creators who make a positive impact on society.


    On the occasion of the 64th series of meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is taking place in Geneva, the WIPO GLOBAL AWARDS 2023 ceremony was held at the Organization’s headquarters.


    The awards were given to the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses that have successfully commercialized and used intellectual property in their activities, which has a significant positive impact on the development of society.


    The introduction of this nomination wanted to underline at promoting the IP sphere, encouraging inventors, creators and entrepreneurs to use intellectual property rights to achieve their business goals and demonstrating the key role of the intellectual property sphere for economic development and progress of society as a whole.


    The finalists of the WIPO GLOBAL AWARDS 2023 competition were 25 small and medium-sized enterprises from around the world. Among them, an independent international jury with unique experience in IP, innovation, creative industries, investment and business selected seven winners.


    Photo: WIPO/Berrod


    Winners of the WIPO GLOBAL AWARDS 2023


    Aerosol Magee Scientific (Slovenia) is a leading developer and manufacturer of measurement instrument that can show the quality of air;


    CRMQ (Mexico) – a nanotechnology platform for delivering drugs to the retina, which helps treat common causes of blindness;


    Lactips (France) – a plastic-free technology that is 100% made from biomass, fully biodegradable and dissolves in water without leaving any particles;


    Shanghai Westwell Technology Co. Ltd. (China) – intelligent and environmentally friendly solutions with multiple scenarios for industry logistics;


    Xi’an Kiss Future Network Technologies (China) – optimization of VR cinema hardware;


    Flexxon (Singapore) – artificial intelligence-based cyber-security solution that detects and prevents ransomware attacks in real time;


    YAKWETU™ Online Limited (Kenya) – an entertainment technology company that is making a difference in the distribution of digital content in Kenya, where piracy dominated by 95-99%.


    The winners receive a personalized mentoring program to help them achieve new business goals, access additional sources of funding and attract partners.


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