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  • Head of the IP Office Olena Orliuk: Ukraine shall provide the level of IP services corresponding to best European practices
    25 October 2023 No Comments Alex

    Head of the IP Office Olena Orliuk: Ukraine shall provide the level of IP services corresponding to best European practices


    The visit of the high-ranking delegation led by EUIPO Executive Director João Negrão means that the Ukrainian IP sector has a great future together with the EU. This was emphasised by the head of the IP Office, Olena Orliuk, in her speech while opening the event “Creating the Sustainable IP Platform for Tomorrow”. She thanked the head of the EUIPO and her colleagues – namely, the heads of IP offices of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Moldova were present there that day – for this notable visit to Ukraine.


    Olena Orliuk noted that this spring, the Ukrainian IP office signed a Declaration of Intent with the patent offices of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, which is aimed at the development of innovative and creative sectors and intellectual property. This document is already being implemented in practice.


    Due to the pandemic and then due to the full-scale russian invasion, the activity of creators decreased.


    “However, thanks to the actions of the government, the huge support of the international community, the dedication of the IP sector, and the daily work of the IP office, we could change the situation. Now, given the number of submitted applications for intellectual property objects, we are starting to approach the indicators that existed before the full-scale invasion,” said Olena Orliuk.


    Among the steps currently being taken by the IP office, the speaker singled out the improvement of the professional development and advanced training of experts, who should ensure the level of expert work for innovators, creators, creators, and developers, levelling up to the EU.


    “We ought to provide a level of service that would correspond to the best European practices. We understand how important it is to increase the protection of IP rights. Hence, we participate in the development of policies and tools in this context as well. We hope that the High Intellectual Property Court starts its procedural activities soon. We are also working on the development of administrative appeal mechanisms. Particularly, we are waiting for the start of the work of the Appeals Chamber. Also, the Mediation and Conciliation Centre was created based on the IP office since business deserves fast and effective protection procedures. The Centre for Monitoring of Intellectual Property Rights Violations has also been created, which aims to contribute to the development of effective countermeasures against counterfeiting,” Olena Orliuk emphasised.


    The speaker added that one of the essential tasks for Ukraine is also to improve the culture of intellectual property. It is not just about popularising intellectual property but also about protecting the rights of an innovator or a creator so that he can commercialise his developments. For this purpose, the National Intellectual Property and Innovation Hub was established based on the IP Office. This is a platform that will help the author, inventor, and creator to show their solution, get IP protection and understanding and help to commercialise it.


    “Ukraine is a great creative and innovative nation. And we, for our part, shall promote the development and support this potential,” Olena Orliuk summed up.


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