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  • Vitalii Kindrativ, Deputy Minister of Economy: Intellectual property is integral component of innovative recovery of Ukraine
    25 October 2023 No Comments Alex

    Vitalii Kindrativ, Deputy Minister of Economy: Intellectual property is integral component of innovative recovery of Ukraine


    The Ukrainian government welcomes the introduction of support programs for Ukrainian applicants in the EU’s regional and national intellectual property offices, participation in the SME Fund of the European Commission, and Single Market Program activities. Despite the full-scale war, Ukraine was able to complete the institutional reform of the IP system and create a national IP office and now continues the work aimed at the European integration of the national IP field.


    The Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, Vitalii Kindrativ, announced that at the meeting of representatives of the EU and the Ukrainian intellectual property community, “Creating Today a Sustainable IP Platform for Tomorrow”, which took place in Kyiv on 23 October 2023.


    According to Vitaly Kindrativ, Ukraine is working to speed up European integration processes in the field of intellectual property:


    One of the key areas of cooperation with WIPO is the development of a new National Strategy of Intellectual Property Development, which will outline the priority tasks for overcoming the devastating consequences of the war, as well as for the post-war reconstruction of the intellectual property sphere, creative and innovative sectors of Ukraine’s economy. Modern challenges in the field of intellectual property and the economy force us to adapt quickly, but we do not stop fulfilling our obligations. We are clearly aware that these are our priorities in the context of Ukraine acquiring the status of a candidate for EU membership,” the Deputy Minister of Economy emphasised.


    The post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and the regional landscape of intellectual property, in general, will depend on how effective this cooperation will be.


    “Intellectual property is an integral component of innovative recovery because ensuring the processes of introducing new technologies and, accordingly, locating production facilities in Ukraine will require proper protection of intellectual assets. In the conditions of the aggressive war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the Government of Ukraine considers the further consolidation of cooperation for the formation of a stable economic system to be one of its priorities,” Vitalii Kindrativ emphasised.


    For reference:

    On 23-24 October 2023, representatives of the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and representatives of European IP offices of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Moldova visited Kyiv. Among the priorities of the meetings was the Dialogue on Intellectual Property Rights between Ukraine and the EU and the definition of short-term priorities necessary for Ukraine’s accession to the EU.


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