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  • International cooperation in IP sphere: The Ministry of Economy have signed a Memorandum with WIPO
    27 July 2023 No Comments Irena

    International cooperation in IP sphere: The Ministry of Economy have signed a Memorandum with WIPO


    The document is focused on softening the negative implications of war and restoration of innovative and creative ecosystem of Ukraine providing the deepening of cooperation.


    The First vice-Prime-Minister of Ukraine – the Minister of Economy Yulia Svyrydenko have signed Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter – MoU) between the Ministry of Economy and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) considering the cooperation in the sphere of intellectual property.


    «Strengthening cooperation with specialized agency of UN should support national economy, enlarge the contribution in the victory over the aggressor and save the scientific and creative potential of our people. Now we are doing an accent on overcoming the implications of russian war against Ukraine, and our European future. At the same time, we are opening new horizons for cooperation, that are aimed on developing and reconstruction/rebuilding of our country», stated Yulia Svyrydenko.


    MoU implies deepening cooperation and focused on transcending the negative implications of russian war of aggression against Ukraine in the sphere of innovational and creative sector and ecosystem of Ukraine.


    In particular, the document defines following spheres of cooperation between Ministry of Economy and WIPO:


    • Enlistment of international technical support and financial resources for satisfying the needs of ip sector and innovations of Ukraine;
    • Support of SMEs, explorers and representatives of creative sectors, that have suffered from war;
    • Strengthening the potential and providing support of Ukrainian institutions in access to patent and non – patent data bases;
    • Adaptation of national strategy of Ukrainian IP sphere, development taking into account negative consequences of war in intellectual property sphere (IP);
    • Activities of human resources development in the field of IP, in particular through the activities of the National Intellectual Property Training Center with the support of the WIPO Academy and implementation of educational, in particular master’s degree, programs in IP;
    • Support of national network in development and functioning the of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs);
    • The development of Mediation and Mediation Center at the National Intellectual Property Office;
    • Support of digital IP transformation spheres and innovations;
    • Realization of WIPO`s program on supporting the inventors.


    During the meeting in the 64th series of the WIPO General Assembly between Ukrainian delegation, formed from Ukrainian National Office for Intellectual Property and Innovation (IP office) and Permanent representatives of Ukraine in UN in Geneva and other international organizations, a lot of attention were devoted to MoU steps of realization.


    «Sphere of intellectual property, as all other spheres, should work hard in order to gain the victory over the aggressor, save lives and potential of our people, to help national economy, to rebuild and reconstruct Ukraine. With the help of joint projects and technical support of WIPO we plan to continue support and stimulate the development of creative and innovative sectors of Ukrainian economy and IP sphere. That is the reason we are willing, in particular, to adopt National IP strategy, accented on recovery of Ukraine and overcoming negative implications of russian aggression, taking into account our Euro-integration process», — underlined the Director of UANIPIO (IP Office) Olena Orliuk.


    We would like to remind, that monitoring and overcoming the medium and long-term consequences of the war in Ukraine became the basis for the details discussion of cooperation between Ukraine and WIPO. They were highlighted in a recent Report of International WIPO Bureau represented on WIPO General Assembly.


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