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  • The strategy for the IP sphere development must take into account the challenges of martial law, — Olena Orliuk
    05 April 2023 No Comments Irena

    The strategy for the IP sphere development must take into account the challenges of martial law, — Olena Orliuk


    The IP development strategy for Ukraine must be updated in accordance with the challenges of wartime. Therefore, the document, developed before the full-scale invasion of the russian federation, must be updated. This was announced by the Head of the IP Office, Olena Orliuk, speaking at the IX International Intellectual Property Forum (IPF-2023).


    “As a large community, we compiled a strategy for the IP sphere development, presented at the end of 2019. Now we understand that the IP development strategy must be updated, considering the impact of a full-scale war and an effort to solve Ukraine’s challenges in the post-war recovery period. Therefore, we talked with the leadership of the relevant ministry that we will publish the strategy on our website in the 2019 edition. Also, most likely, we will offer an interim report from the IP Office on what has been fulfilled in Ukraine within the framework of this strategy as of now,” explained the Head of the IP Office.


    In addition, according to Olena Orliuk, the IP Office joined the process of working on and sending questionnaires to state institutions, judicial bodies, legal representatives, universities, scientific institutions, and subjects of innovative activity regarding the assessment of the impact of a full-scale war on the state of IP. This is done in cooperation with WIPO and their research to implement last year’s resolution on Ukraine.


    Another task of the IP Office related to a full-scale war is dealing with sanctioned assets.


    “We have already held several meetings in this direction. We have signed a corresponding memorandum with the ARMA agency, which we are filling with specific content. And the question is that, technologically, we are working out mechanisms for database management that relate specifically to sanctioned assets. And we are also developing a position on how to manage such assets in terms of IP because, in Ukraine, this direction is basically terra incognita. And that’s why we took up this problem,” said Olena Orliuk.


    Olena Orliuk, in the discussion “IP: Ukraine & Worldwide.”



    Also, the IP Office revised the policy regarding representation in court proceedings compared to how it used to happen. A draft of amendments to the regulations of the Appeals Chamber is being prepared for submission to the Ministry of Economy.


    According to Olena Orliuk, the IP Office is making special efforts to change the image of Ukraine as a country in which IPRs are violated.


    “We are now trying to prepare as much as possible for the process when Ukraine is restored after the Victory. In particular, regarding developing or improving legal mechanisms that Ukraine can present to protect IPRs. In the active position of the IP Office in training law enforcement officers in this area, including, for example, providing them with methodical recommendations, providing information support, consultation, and training. The Office is working on these areas and actively cooperating with business and legal representatives to improve rights protection. For us, the full-fledged launch of the IP Court is a fundamental issue because we consider it one of the necessary elements of effective protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine,” the Head of the IP Office emphasized.


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