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  • “She inspires”: how Ukrainian women’s creativity conquers the WIPO General Assembly
    08 July 2023 No Comments Irena

    “She inspires”: how Ukrainian women’s creativity conquers the WIPO General Assembly


    Dresses by Yuliya Magdych and Ivona Loban, vyshyvanka with AR elements by Olena Dats, and a unique health-monitoring device «Cardiomo» by Ksenia Belkina represented Ukraine on the sidelines of the WIPO General Assembly in Switzerland.


    The exhibits of Ukrainian artists were presented at the cultural event of the Central European and Baltic States (CEBS side event) on July 7, 2023. This year’s slogan was “She inspires” and the event was dedicated to the role of women in sphere of innovation, inventiveness, and creative industries. The event consisted of a fashion show, an exhibition of innovative designs, musical performances and tasting of traditional dishes of the region.



    Olena Orliuk, Daren Tang (WIPO Director General), Olena Dats`


    Fashion Show: Yuliya Magdych and Ivona Loban


    The dress of Ukrainian designer  Yuliya Magdych is a combination of modernity and authenticity. The white background of the dress depicts the traditional colorful Crimean Tatar ornament ornek, which is part of the UNESCO cultural heritage. The sleeves resemble the sleeves of a Cossack jacket, which considered making it convenient to carry a saber. The colors and patterns are deeply symbolic and traditional for the Crimean Tatars. The dress is an exquisite connection of Tatar and Ukrainian culture.


    Ivona Loban’s work was inspired by the sculpture of Ioan Georgy Pinsel, a famous Ukrainian sculptor of the Baroque period. The dress has already won international competitions and has been shown at numerous exhibitions.



    The creations of Ukrainian designers aim to draw attention to the Ukrainian identity, which russia has been trying to eradicate for centuries. There were 700 national heritage sites destroyed during russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.


    The fashion show “CEBS ad Astra: Sky is the Limit: C=Creative, E=Elegant, B=Brilliant, S=Sensational” is a unique opportunity to illustrate the desire of Central European and Baltic countries to protect and preserve local, unique and authentic traditions characteristic of the region’s culture.


    Innovative design: Ksenia Belkina and Olena Dats


    Cardiomo by Ksenia Belkina is an AI-based solution for remote monitoring and real-time diagnosis of out-of-hospital patients. This elegant and highly functional medical accessory breaks all stereotypes about the design of typical medical equipment.



    Cardiomo is a wearable patch and cloud-based analytics platform for early arrhythmia detection. Designed and developed from the scratch, the innovative Cardiomo solution includes:


    • A lightweight, non-invasive, wireless, waterproof, ergonomic and rechargeable heart monitor;
    • The cloud-based analysis system based on artificial intelligence that analyzes to detect various disorders and sends push notifications;
    • The mobile application that shows vital data, reminds patients to take their medications, and sends those indications to individuals monitoring their health or to doctors;
    • A professional healthcare dashboard for doctors;
    • A 24/7 tele-monitoring center.


    Borshchivka made by Olena Dats is a unique vyshyvanka with augmented reality elements filled with great meaning. It is not visible on the surface, but it reaches incredible sacred depths.



    This blouse is a chest waiting to reveal its secrets. The chest that holds family traditions and treasures, that unites the past and the future. This blouse is the embodiment of an infinite universe that unites the virtual and the real.


    The blouse was created using AR (Augmented Reality) technology by FFFACEME studio for the brand Olena Dats. You will also become the owner of a virtual vyshyvanka shirt from the 1920s Borshchiv region from the private collection of the designer’s family by following the link on the blouse.


    From left side to right side: Vladyslav Bilotskyi, Ivona Loban, Olena Orliuk, Habip Asan, Director of the WIPO Department of Transition and Developing Countries, Olena Dats, Ksenia Belkina


    Ukraine’s intellectual property sector must develop despite the full-scale russian aggression, and this requires the cooperation and support from our international partners.


    The events on the sidelines of the WIPO General Assembly are crucial for Ukraine as a country facing an extremely difficult task – not only to win, but also to return people, to attract investments, increase the level of culture and respect for IP rights in society, as well as to unleash and promote the incredible creative potential of Ukrainians.


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