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  • We are making every effort to ensure that after the victory of Ukraine, the IP sphere is fully secured – Olena Orliuk at a meeting with INTA
    15 February 2023 No Comments Irena

    We are making every effort to ensure that after the victory of Ukraine, the IP sphere is fully secured – Olena Orliuk at a meeting with INTA

    The Ukrainian IP sphere is moving along the path provided for by the status of a candidate for EU accession. Even in the face of a full-scale invasion and massive missile attacks on critical infrastructure, the IP office continues to work in this direction. This was emphasized by the Head of the IP Office, Olena Orliuk, during a meeting with the International Trademark Association (INTA), organized with the support of the National Association of Patent Attorneys of Ukraine.

    “We currently elaborate a road map of our tasks for joining the EU. In advance, we are talking about 50 acts from which we should start working. This will be cooperation with expert groups, cooperation with specialized institutions in the IP sphere in Ukraine, and involvement of international experts. It is clear that such work will be carried out with the support of the Ministry of Economy as a specialized ministry and an active dialogue with representatives of the Parliament, the professional environment, and business. As soon as draft law № 6464 is voted on, we can talk about Ukraine’s fulfillment of its obligations under the Association Agreement regarding implementing the provisions on the IP sphere and continuing to deal with their enforcement. And we already have the opportunity to move further in terms of rule-making, fulfilling the status of a candidate for EU membership. I would very much like for us to make as much progress as possible in this sense in the coming years,” emphasized the Head of the IP office.


    Challenges associated with a full-scale russian invasion, the Ukrainian IP sphere passed with dignity. The system survived and continues to work.


    “Now the situation is not worse, compared to the beginning of 2022: the pool of examiners is preserved, the examination is carried out, the state registers are working, and in the last three months, the trend of increasing the number of applications can be traced. Therefore, we can state that Ukraine has coped with this situation and is holding the economic front. Of course, now, for the state as a whole, the issue of IP is not on the agenda of the first line. But we understand that this is the direction we must prepare as much as possible during this period while the hostilities are still going on. So that when Ukraine wins and enters the peacetime format, the IP sphere will be provided with an appropriate regulatory framework, expertly and certainly, in terms of law enforcement. Because Ukraine deserves to be able to function as an innovative, developed, and civilized state,” Olena Orliuk explained.


    To fulfill all these tasks, the concept of the IP office was created – a full-fledged patent office and registration of copyright objects, plus an active role in the protection of intellectual property rights, plus effective participation in the development of an innovative ecosystem, work with creative industries, etc.


    “We understand very well that post-war Ukraine, considering its status as a candidate for EU membership, is a country to which investments should go. But for this, we have to create absolutely all the conditions and respond, both in legislation and in practice, to understanding and perception as a civilized and legal state. In this sense, for me, there are no questions about the understanding that Ukraine will not be able to develop in any other way than in an innovative way. This is largely the role of our IP office. Therefore, we are building our policy not only through developing a key platform for the IP sphere but also through the prism of taking an active role in innovative development,” concluded the Head of the IP office.



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