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  • Preserving the nation’s potential: Ukraine outlined its top security and development priorities for the IP sphere and thanked for international support during the WIPO’s Assemblies
    07 July 2023 No Comments Irena

    Preserving the nation’s potential: Ukraine outlined its top security and development priorities for the IP sphere and thanked for international support during the WIPO’s Assemblies


    Our delegation thanked international community for the solidarity and expressed support for the new mission and vision of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


    The 64th series of meetings of the WIPO Assemblies of Member States is continued in Switzerland. The general statement of the Ukrainian delegation was delivered by Yevheniya Filipenko, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva:


    The Ukrainian Government is actively making progress in the development of intellectual property in the country. Ukraine has recently joined the Marrakesh Treaty, which demonstrates its commitment to international IP standards. Additionally, new legislation focusing on copyright and related rights has been introduced, aimed at keeping pace with the evolving technological landscape. The Ukrainian IP Office is diligently working to provide benefits to IP users and businesses, as well as addressing the needs of vulnerable groups. Through collaboration with partners, numerous opportunities are emerging to support small and medium-sized enterprises, youth, and internally displaced individuals. European integration remains a priority and largely determines our actions and policies. However, our top national priority is to preserve the life and potential of our nation in the face of russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine”, – said Yevheniya Filipenko.



    The Permanent Representative emphasized the scale of russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine. She noted that despite the significant destruction and damage (more than 100,000 civilian infrastructure facilities have been damaged or destroyed, and the total cost of reconstruction and restoration has increased to $411 billion) The Government of Ukraine, with international support, is implementing vital programs aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses, creative industries, and people affected by the war.


    In the general statement, Ukraine also expressed its gratitude for the solidarity and support received from WIPO, the member states of the CEBS regional group, Group B, and all like-minded organizations and countries.


    The Ukrainian delegation also thanked the International Bureau for preparing the Report on Assistance and Support to Ukraine, which confirms the deeply destructive impact of Russian aggression on Ukrainian society and economy.


    We would like to emphasize the importance of maintaining global IP services. This is relevant to the topics to be discussed in the PCT Union discussions, including those initiated by the Government of Ukraine. We respectfully support WIPO’s new mission and vision to foster a balanced and effective global IP ecosystem to promote innovation and creativity for a sustainable future in a dynamic interaction between law, policy and practice. And we highly appreciate the efforts of WIPO and its Member States in realizing this important goal. You can count on Ukraine’s active contribution to these efforts”, – added Yevgeniya Filipenko.


    In addition to the Permanent Mission to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, Ukraine is also represented at the General Assembly by the Ministry of Economy and the IP Office.


    The event will be held until July 14, and its live broadcast is available here.


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