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  • Information dashboard: IP Office presents annual performance indicators
    05 April 2024 No Comments Irena

    Information dashboard: IP Office presents annual performance indicators


    Despite the challenges and the ongoing war, the intellectual property sphere is not only recovering, but is also constantly developing. This is demonstrated by the data of the information dashboard with key performance indicators for 2023 published by the IP Office.


    General trends


    Last year there was a significant increase in intellectual property related activities. The growth in filing rates for industrial property rights applications in 2023 is a clear indication of the inventive activity intensification and is a result of positive expectations regarding the development of the economic, political and social situation in Ukraine. The main factor influencing these results is the increased activity of national applicants, who filed the lion’s share of applications.


    Industrial property


    Compared to 2022, the number of industrial property rights applications increase is the following:

    • for inventions: +5.5%;
    • for utility models: +47.4%;
    • for industrial designs: +34.8%;
    • for trademarks: +55.4%.




    In 2023, 8,580 applications for the state registration of copyright in a work were received, which is 49.5% more than in 2022. And the number of contracts concerning the author’s right in a work is 68.8% higher.


    National IP&Innovations Hub


    It is worth noting the particular activity of online and offline events organized within the framework of the National IP&Innovations Hub. 16 Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) in Ukraine were established in 2023 (currently, 34 TISCs are already operating in Ukraine).


    Full performance indicators can be found in the dashboard.


    Information Dashboard / Activity Indicators, 2023


    For information:


    Dashboard is an information platform for presentation (visualization) of complex (multifactorial, variable) information in a user-friendly form.


    IP Office’s dashboard provides a visual presentation of the main performance indicators in the IP sphere, allows monitoring the main IP development trends of Ukraine.


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