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  • Ukraine joined EU’s regional program to support intellectual property
    25 October 2023 No Comments Alex

    Ukraine joined EU’s regional program to support intellectual property


    Ukraine, together with Moldova and Georgia, joined the EU regional program for supporting the sphere of intellectual property. The program aims to approximate national intellectual property legislation of the States concerned to the EU standards. It is planned for 4 years, and its financing amounts to 4 million euros. Particularly, this support includes not only several initiatives that bring Ukrainian legislation closer to European legislation but also education, professional training, and grant support.


    This was discussed during the meeting of representatives of the EU and the Ukrainian intellectual property community “Creating Today a Sustainable IP Platform for Tomorrow”, which took place in Kyiv on 23 October 2023.


    This program is for 4 years and 4 million euros. And we will have several initiatives in this area, which relate to the approximation of Ukrainian legislation to European legislation. These are initiatives related to the modernisation of the intellectual property ecosystem with new tools and new approaches. As well as initiatives related to education and training, for example, of Ukrainian judges in the field of IP,” said João Negrão, the EUIPO’s Executive Director.



    The program also encourages Ukrainian businesses to capitalise on intellectual property and enter European markets.


    Today, any small or medium-sized entrepreneur can take advantage of the SME Fund. 50 Ukrainian entrepreneurs have already applied for such compensation in the IP sphere. We also plan to provide greater support to Ukrainian businesses when they need to protect their IP rights in Ukraine, the EU, and global markets. This program aims to support Ukraine in its approach to the EU in the field of intellectual property rights. It is designed for 4 years and amounts to 4 million euros. And we shall have several initiatives in this area, which relate to the approximation of Ukrainian legislation to European legislation“, – emphasised the executive director of EUIPO.


    This is an important initiative for Ukraine”, said Olena Orliuk, Director of the Ukrainian IP Office. “This is support for national creators and innovators and steps towards the European integration of the Ukrainian IP sphere. After all, Ukraine is capable of multiplying its intellectual capital and earning from it.



    We want intellectual capital to be identified in Ukraine and protected in the world, because innovation and creative industries, as it is all over the world, provide income, jobs and development thanks to the mechanisms of intellectual property.

    Today, among the tasks of the Government and the IP Council under the Cabinet of Ministers [of Ukraine] will be the question of how to account for intangible assets in the GDP of Ukraine, and how to measure the respective contributions of the public and private sectors. We are developing appropriate models to increase the protection of national IP and allow and help national innovators, startups, and creators to protect their rights here, to obtain registration here – so that, entering the same European markets, we can show our Ukrainian identity, receive income here for their intellectual property and to protect IP rights abroad,” emphasised the Director of the Ukrainian IP office.


    Bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the IP sphere was also discussed at the meeting “Creating Today a Sustainable IP Platform for Tomorrow” and panel discussions.


    Photo: Yurii Bielakh


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