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  • Main outcomes of the WIPO General Assembly for Ukraine: deepening cooperation, prioritizing security, developing the IP sphere and strengthening the isolation of the russian federation
    15 July 2023 No Comments Irena

    Main outcomes of the WIPO General Assembly for Ukraine: deepening cooperation, prioritizing security, developing the IP sphere and strengthening the isolation of the russian federation


    We recall the key events involving the Ukrainian delegation at the 64th series of meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO.


    The General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has ended in Geneva, Switzerland. Our country was represented at the international forum by: The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva and representatives of the Ukrainian National Office for Intellectual Property and Innovations (IP Office):


    • Olena Orliuk, Director of the IP Office;
    • Bogdan Paduchak, First Deputy Director of the IP Office;
    • Vladyslav Bilotskyi, Deputy Director of the IP Office.



    Read about the key events of the General Assembly in our summary digest.


    WIPO adopted decision on further assistance to Ukraine


    The WIPO International Bureau will continue to provide concrete assistance and support to Ukraine, as set out in Section 7 “Conclusions” of the “Report on Assistance and Support for Ukraine`s Innovation and Creative Sector and Intellectual Property System”. It also recognizes the negative consequences of the war started by the russian federation. This is stated in the decision of the WIPO General Assembly.


    This decision was made in complex, two-day discussions with significant opposition from representatives of the russian delegation, their supporters and proxies. However, Ukraine received a positive decision due to close coordination with like-minded countries and persistence of the members of the delegation and our Permanent Mission.



    called for strengthening the isolation of the russian federation in WIPO and IP sphere


    Report on Assistance and Support for Ukraine`s Innovation and Creative Sector and Intellectual Property System was presented at the General Assembly.


    The Member States condemned the actions of the russian federation, stressed their support for Ukraine “as long as it takes”, shared their experience and programmes for internally displaced Ukrainians and the impact of the war on their countries. They also called on the WIPO International Bureau to continue the necessary consultations and technical support to Ukraine.


    The text of the statement of the Ukrainian delegation, delivered by Olena Orliuk, Director of the IP Office, during the consideration, is available here.



    IP Office
    continues to perform the functions of the International Searching Authority (ISA) and the International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA)


    The Ukrainian delegation advocated for the relevant amendments to the Agreement between the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization, approved at the 55th session of the International Patent Cooperation Union Assemblies on 10.07.2023.



    The Ukrainian delegation
    met with WIPO Director General Daren Tang


    The parties discussed cooperation between Ukraine and the World Intellectual Property Organization, the impact of full-scale russian aggression on the creative and innovative sectors, and the digitalization and administration of the IP sphere.


    The main attention was paid to the discussion of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and WIPO. The document envisages deepening cooperation in the intellectual property sphere based on the results of the assessment of the immediate, medium and long-term impact of the military aggression of the russian federation on the innovation and creative sectors and the ecosystem of Ukraine. The WIPO International Bureau carried out this assessment.



    The IP Office
    signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)


    The document outlines a large number of areas for cooperation, lays the foundation for new joint projects and qualitative development of previous developments. It clearly defines the European path of harmonization and partnership, so it will benefit our applicants and the entire IP system.



    The assignment
    Memorandum of Understanding between the IP Office and the European Patent Office (EPO)


    It provides for enhanced cooperation in strategic and technical areas and exchange of best practices. In particular, the cooperation between the Ukrainian IP Office and the European Patent Office will have a positive impact on the quality and speed of processing of national and international applications.



    The Ukrainian delegation
    called for the termination of funding for WIPO and the External Office in russia


    Representatives of the delegations of the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, and the Czech Republic spoke in support of the proposal.


    At the same time, Ukraine emphasized that the funding reduction should be seen as a temporary and urgent measure. However, in the future, our country will insist on the complete closure of the office in Moscow.



    The Ukrainian delegation
    called for WIPO to respect the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine


    In particular, to take measures against falsely indicating the addresses of applicants from the Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied by the russian federation as applicants from the russia.


    Ukraine, together with WIPO, is working on practical solutions within the mandate of the Organization that will help prevent the illegal actions of the russian federation. Currently, WIPO has created a separate disclaimer within the Madrid Monitor and Patentscope resources, which states that the information in the filed applications (in particular, bibliographic information on the applicants’ addresses) does not reflect the views or positions of the WIPO International Bureau.


    outlines its main security and development priorities for the IP sphere


    They were outlined in the joint statement of the Ukrainian delegation delivered by Yevheniia Filipenko, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva.


    In particular, the priorities of our country include

    • forward-looking legislation on copyright and related rights, which allows us to adapt to the evolving technologies and challenges faced by our creators;
    • European integration, which largely determines our actions and policies;
    • and most importantly, preserving the life and potential of our nation in the face of russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine.



    The meeting of the representatives of the Ukrainian IP Office and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)


    The following issues were discussed at the meeting:

    • support for the development of IT resources, technical means for examination and administration of IP;
    • the introduction of artificial intelligence for IP offices;
    • joint training and exchange of experience on the administration of intellectual property rights and support for innovation;
    • support for small and medium-sized businesses and creative industries;
    • exchange of experience on intellectual property protection and IP management in the public sector.



    The IP Office management
    met with the management of the International Trademark Association (INTA)


    They discussed deepening cooperation, raising the level of employees’ qualification and joint projects to consolidate efforts in overcoming existing challenges; development of innovation infrastructure as one of the tools for technological rebuilding, improvement of the investment climate, innovative development of the country and business; joint activities to improve the legal culture in the IP sphere.



    The exhibits of Ukrainian artists
    were presented at the cultural event of the Central European and Baltic States (CEBS side event)


    This year’s slogan was “She inspires”, and the event was dedicated to the role of women in innovation, inventiveness, and creative industries. The event consisted of a fashion show, an exhibition of innovative designs, musical performances and tasting of traditional dishes of the region.


    Ukraine was represented by Yuliya Magdych and Ivona Loban’s dresses, Olena Dats’s vyshyvanka with augmented reality elements, and Ksenia Belkina’s unique Cardiomo health monitoring device.



    In the process of preparing the event, Ulyana Khromyak provided significant assistance in presenting the creative products of Ukrainian designers.



    Deepening of cooperation, support and development of the IP sphere of Ukraine were also discussed during the meetings between the IP Office management
    with national offices of Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.


    Working meetings were also held with the relevant WIPO structures to deepen the projects of the IP Academy in cooperation with the WIPO Academy, the Mediation and Arbitration Center, etc.


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